COACH RAMBLES - take place on the first Saturday of each month.

Outward Journey: there is a toilet stop on route or at the start of the walk
Return Journey: there are no stops.
Three walks are provided:
A walks (10 - 14 miles) : These are designed for the more active members and are (in general) longer in distance, more strenuous and walked at a faster pace.
B Walks ( under 10 miles): These are shorter in length and taken at a more leisurely pace, though they can be strenuous in stretches as they often cover the same terrain as an A walk.
C Walks (around 5 miles): These are leisurely walks that will try to take in places of interest

End of walk - All walks will finish (or you will be taken by coach) in a village or town that has refreshments: coffee/tea shops or pubs. Time will be allowed for you to have a drink and you will given the time that the coach will leave on its return journey.

Local Footpath Walks: Mondays,Tuesdays, Thursdays, 2nd and 3rd Sundays
These walks are free, all you have to do is assemble at the designated point at the time specified to meet the leader. Most of the walks are accessible by public transport, but some require car travel. Note that all buses leave from Bolton Bus Station, times can be checked by ringing 0161 244 10000.
Information about any of these walks can be obtained by telephoning the leader specified in the programme.

Guidelines for walkers